A Mountain of Gifts

Bridal ShowerThis past weekend. My aunts gave Emily and me a bridal shower. We want to thank Lillian, Cheryl and Sudie for all their hard work.

Lots of people from my family came out, Emily’s parents joined us as well, and a couple of people who aren’t in the family were there too.

The Food

Always important in any gathering is the food! There were two of my favorite things to eat on the menu: Barbecue and Fatz chicken! Lots of great fixin’s too: cole slaw, potato salad and corn on the cob! Best of all were the desserts! Aunt Lillian baked my favorite cake… Italian Cream! I am not sure which of the ladies fixed it, but there was some awesome chocolate delight there too!

My biggest problem is that I always eat too much before I go check out the dessert table. Well, it happened again. Luckily, they fixed me a dessert plate to take home. I enjoyed that for a couple of days after.

Emily’s Dad definitely seemed to enjoy the cakes! I think he had at least one piece of each one!

The Gifts

Everyone who came was super generous. We got a mountain of gifts. Mostly stuff that was on our registry, and a few surprises. Well, it was all a surprise!

Fiesta!Emily collects Fiesta Ware. We got a couple more place settings, salt and pepper shakers, platters, and probably some other pieces that I am forgetting.

The silverware pattern that Emily has is one of the retired patterns from Oneida. However, apparently you can still get pieces to match. I think we got three more place settings to go along with what she already has.

Besides the silverware and dishes, we were lucky enough to get some towels, steak knives, home decorations, cash, and , again, probably a lot of stuff I am forgetting. Malcolm gave us a really nicely framed invitation, and of course he was there documenting the event with his camera.

It was a lot of fun, and we are both glad that so many people came. Emily got to meet one of my great aunts, Aunt Neva. Plus she was glad she got to have a nice long conversation with Grandmother. I wish Mema could have been there, and Emily had the chance to meet her. I know she was there in spirit if not in body. The worst part about living so far away from my family is that we don’t get to spend as much time with them as we would like.

We want to thank Malcolm and Emily’s Mom for all the pictures!

Thanks everyone!



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