Cake, Food, Photos, & Water

Bradley & Emily

Bradley & EmilyTwo weeks from today! We will be getting married! Clemson has rendered their season inconsequential, so this should be the event of the weekend!

The last few weeks, we have been tying up loose ends.

The Cake!

We met with Gretchen from Gretchen’s ABS Cakes in Mauldin, and finalized the cake flavors. Most of the cake is going to be her fantastic yellow cake. One of the layers is going to be Butter Pecan. It seemed to be a hit at the engagement party. The cake is supposed to have some ribbon wrapped around one of the layers. You would think grey ribbon would be available at most any craft store. Nah.

They have lots of other colors, but not grey. I guess one of the limiting factors is that it also has to be water proof or weather resistant. We did find one place (ONE!) online that has it. However, they are saying that it will be up to 18 days before it will be delivered. That is not going to work! We aren’t sure yet what plan B is, but hopefully Gretchen will have some good ideas.

The Food!!

The week before last, we met with Crystal at the Commerce Club to finalize the menu for the reception. It was a nice to meet with her again. She is a very nice person, and it seems like she is going to pull together a nice event for everyone. There are multiple “food issues” in our immediate family, and we wanted to make sure there would be plenty of food for everyone. I think everyone is going to be happy with the food choices. I think I am most looking forward to the mashed potato bar!

The Photos

Last Sunday we met with David Poleski, our photographer. We wanted to have a few pictures taken before the wedding just to see what he is like to work with. He took us over to his in-law’s house in the Augusta Road area for the photos. He works quickly! We took about 40 photos in less than an hour.

Thursday afternoon, we met with David and picked up the proofs. There were a few good ones in the set he gave us. Next up is a walk through with him at the church and the reception venue to go over what is going to happen. We are both looking forward to working with him at the wedding.

I think we have most of the loose ends tied up. It is just a waiting game now!

Like We Needed Something Else!

The only other news we have is water damage! One of the water supply lines at Emily’s house sprung a leak this past week. Apparently, if you put a nail through a PVC waterline it will eventually leak! There was a huge puddle in her dining area and kitchen. Luckily, her Dad knew a plumber that was able to come out quickly and fix the problem. However, there is a huge hole in the wall now.

We hope the insurance people are going to be able to come out Monday and assess the damage. The carpet is still wet. The kitchen has hardwood floors, and I think they might be ruined in one area. There is a good bit of damage to the drywall too. We are not sure what else they will find!

Nothing like needing a little more stress!

Hope to see you all in a couple of weeks!