Happy New Year!

Sorry it has been so long since Emily and I have updated the website. Life has been busier than we expected since right before the wedding. Lots of fun and exciting things have happened since late October.

The Wedding

Emily and Bradley  October 23, 2010For those that were not able to make it to the wedding, we missed you all. It was a fun weekend of activity. Emily and I were both off of work the Friday before the wedding. Mainly we were just trying to take care of a few last minute things, and relax as best as possible before the rehearsal started the fun.

Emily was spending Friday night at the Hyatt Place Hotel off of Haywood Rd. I dropped her off at the hotel before the rehearsal. I was able to check out the hotel before, and it was nice. If you have to stay in Greenville for any reason, we highly recommend the hotel. It was roomy, had a nice TV, was easily accessible to downtown, and was less than half the price of the downtown hotels.


Our families met at the church at about 5pm for the rehearsal. My uncle, Malcolm, brought his camera and took several nice photos of the event. He and Carol Taylor were going to be speakers at the wedding. Malcolm was able to familiarize himself with the church and go over what he had to do as well as take photos. We are always grateful when Malcolm brings his camera. He takes wonderful photos.

After a few run-throughs, we all adjourned to have dinner at one of our favorites downtown, Brick Street Cafe. It is one of the few nice and reasonably priced restaurants downtown. They have a great private space in the downstairs portion of the restaurant. We were able to have a nice relaxed meal, and mingle with the people who were there. Carol and my brother’s family met us there. We all had a wonderful meal with some great dessert!

After the dinner, Emily’s parents had invited the out-of-town folks over to their house for a small party. Mainly, Rhys and Susan’s friends from college were there. It was nice to get to meet and talk to people we had heard about, but whom I had never met. They were all great people, and we are happy they were able to attend the event.

Carol was our impromptu photographer for the weekend. We are grateful that she brought her camera. She took lots of photos at dinner, at the after party, at the church on Saturday, at the reception, and at brunch on Sunday. We love and cherish the moments she captured for us.

Pre-Wedding Fun!

Saturday morning was full of activity too. We are glad it was. We were able to distract our minds from being nervous about the wedding. I met my Dad at the hotel. My parents happened to stay at the Hyatt Place too. We had breakfast and hung out together most of the morning. Around lunchtime, we met Rhys and Gordon at The Kear’s house. Rhys’ brother Walter was there, and we watched a little football and had lunch.

Emily, our mothers, Carol, and several other ladies met at a nail salon in town and got their nails done Saturday morning. Susan brought pastries and drinks for all the ladies. After the salon, the went over to Brick Street again (told you it was one of our favorites!) to have an early lunch. Walter’s wife, Marge, and their daughter, Sharon, met the other ladies at Brick Street. Emily was then set to get her hair and makeup done. Allison, our hair stylist, met Emily at the hotel. (The AC was out in the salon!)

We all met at the church around 4pm. We decided beforehand to have most of the pictures taken before the wedding, which meant breaking the tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding. Emily was beautiful! I knew she would be! Everyone looked nice. Apparently, our family cleans up well when they have too! Patrick and April’s kids were cute as they could be, and Gordon looked stylish in his hat and sunglasses!

The wedding was beautiful. Our musicians, Audrey and Dick, were great. Emily and I really wanted some acoustic guitar music at the wedding, but we were afraid the guitar would not be loud enough for all the music. Dick sang a solo, and played a bit of the background music. Audrey played the rest on the piano and organ.

The Reception

The reception was fantastic! I think everyone there had a great time. Emily and I had some time to spend together in a private room before we entered. The staff at the Commerce Club made sure we had some of all the food to eat while we were in there. It was great to get to talk with most of the people who came. I don’t think there is anyway to talk with everyone, but we tried. I hope everyone enjoyed the Gretchen cake as much as we did.

Near the end, almost everyone had left except for close family and a few close friends. Emily and I were able to sit and chat for quite a while with the few who were left.

The Day After

Sunday morning we met a fairly large group of people at Soby’s for brunch. I think there were about 16 people there. I had never had brunch at Soby’s, and I didn’t know what I had been missing. They had pretty much any type of breakfast food you can think of.

After brunch, we went by the Kear’s and opened up wedding gifts. Our friends and family were very generous!

The rest of the day, we spent washing clothes and packing for the honeymoon.

We gave our parents photo books of the wedding for Christmas this year. The books featured photos from Carol Taylor, Malcolm Moore, and our photographer, David Poleski.

There were lots of great photos that we had to cut from the book to keep it at the allowable limit of pages. We are in the process of uploading them to our flickr account. So far we have uploaded all the photos David took.

The Honeymoon

Emily’s Dad picked us up for the airport very early Monday morning. We had a fairly uneventful flight to Dallas (well except for having the heat on high!). The plane from Dallas was delayed because they were repairing the AC. Thank God they made sure it was working!

Puerto Vallarta was fantastic. It was warm all week (hot some of the time!). The resort was great. Apparently it was the off season, and most of the people at the resort were Mexican nationals. The staff at the resort were all wonderful. The food was amazing, and we had nice romantic dinners every night.

Scenery Scenery

There were some great palapas on the beach to sit under. Sitting and watching the waves with our toes in the sand was a great way to spend the week. The water was colder than I had anticipated, but it was quite refreshing after sitting in the heat for a while.

Emily relaxing on the beach Bradley relaxing on the beach

We did take one excursion. We went snorkeling at a National Park off shore. It was about an hour boat ride. Spending the morning on a boat in the bay was very relaxing. The crew was very attentive. Emily had never been snorkeling, and I have only been one other time. I was worried that the water would be too cold for her, and she would not have a good time. Boy was I wrong! Other than the mishap with the flipper, long story, she had a great time. We saw some really cool fish!

Snorkelers in the water Scenery

Coming home was a bit of an adventure. The plane landed in Dallas, and the line at customs was tremendous! After finally making it through customs, we had to run through the airport (barefoot part of the time). We got to the gate of our connecting flight (the last one of the evening) just after they had closed the doors. After much talking, they decided to reopen the flight and let us on. We didn’t get to sit together, but we were just happy to not have to spend the night in Dallas! And of course they lost our luggage!

Take a look at all our honeymoon photos.

Married Life Begins

November and December were a blur. Emily finally received her full promotion, and she is now the Manager of the Child Life Department at the hospital! We are all very happy for her. However, she has been under a little bit of pressure, and she is putting in more hours than I would like. I know she is trying to help the department be the best that it can be though. We spent Thanksgiving with the Kear family this year. Emily and her mom are both fantastic cooks. It was a great meal!


It seemed like only a week or two until Christmas was on us! This year we spent Christmas day with my family. Emily and I went over on Christmas Eve before my Grandmother’s Christmas party. We carpooled with my parents, and the four of us went to look at Christmas lights after the party. It was a lot of fun and reminded me of what Christmas was like as a kid.

Christmas day, my brother’s family came over and we had a great breakfast before opening gifts. Christmas gift exchange was a lot of fun. Patrick and April’s kids were there, and it was a lot of fun watching the two of them open their gifts.

We went over to the Kear’s on the 26th, and had our Christmas with them. It was fun as well, but more laid back since there are not any kids there. Gordon was there, and the five of us had breakfast together before opening gifts. Emily and I went home afterwards to get a nap, but went back that evening for turkey sandwiches and movies.

We are both looking forward to the New Year and our first complete year as a married couple!