Preparations & Side Projects

335… Shrunken heads

It has been a while since we have posted. We have both been busy with life. Emily, as you all probably already know, took a promotion at work late last year. Since then, she has been whirling around hiring new people and making the Child Life Dept. the best dang Child Life Dept. in the country!

I have probably just been lazy more often than busy, but whatever. I am still trying to get my web design business off the ground. It has been a slow go, but hopefully, things will start to happen soon. If you are on Facebook, please check out my business page and like it if you haven’t already. I have been trying to get the minimum 25 followers so I can get my vanity url.

I am also planning to go back to school at some point. I was hoping to get going in the summer semester, but the class schedule doesn’t work out with my work schedule. Fingers crossed for the fall. I met with the head of the graphic arts department a couple of months ago, and discussed what I was hoping to get out of taking classes, and it seems like what Greenville Tech has to offer is a good fit for me.

Unfortunately, one or both of us has been sick most of the winter. We tried to plan a trip to Savannah in late Feb./early March. We had a small window of wellness. Emily go betterish a day or two before we left. We got there on a Sunday afternoon, and had a great time that afternoon and evening. Monday morning was a different story though. I woke up sick. Almost too sick to get out of bed. I forced myself up thinking that once I got moving I would be ok. I wasn’t. Emily drove us home. Good thing too. That evening she was sick again. The two of us spent most of our vacation week in the bed sick. We are both looking forward to another vacation later this year. Hopefully neither of us will be sick!

Side Projects

Even though we have both been busy, Emily being a great administrator and me having a day job and trying to have a night job too, we are both trying to make some room for side project. Is it a little stressful? Yes. Is it fun? Some of the time!


Emily is great at beading. She has been making necklaces, bracelets, and other things for several years now. She decided that it might be fun to try and sell some things on Etsy. So far it hasn’t really taken off like we thought it might. It was fun for her making the jewelry, and I had fun making the banner on the site. I think part of the problem is with the photos. I blame the photographer (->me<-)! If you are interested in some awesome custom jewelry, check out City Girl Gems!

Photos and Tumblr

Speaking of photography… it is something that I have been interested in for a long time. I have a great Minolta that I bought from my uncle Malcolm when there was a such thing as Campus Camera (maybe if they had kept him around it would still be there!). However, film is hard to deal with in the digital age. I could not afford a dSLR at the moment, but I decided to start working on my photography anyways. If you follow me on Facebook you have probably seen my attempts at photography.

I decided around the time of my birthday to attempt a 365 project. What is that? Well, I am taking at least one picture each day and posting it to a Tumblr blog called Bradley’s 365 iPhone Picture Project for a year. Original title, I know. I started on my birthday. It seemed better than generically starting on Jan. 1.

The only rules I gave myself were that all the photos would be taken and edited my super sweet iPhone, and I would do one per day. Unfortunately the one per day rule was interrupted early on by a nasty virus, but I have kept pretty close to that schedule. Boy it is not easy some days! Here are a couple of my favorites so far:

324… Orb 335… Shrunken heads 360… What was that?

I have had a great time taking pictures, and posting them up. Making the banner for the site was fun too. Don’t be fooled. The iPhone in the banner is not a picture. I drew that in Adobe Illustrator. I had the help of a tutorial, but all the man hours are mine! I also tweaked the site. It is based on one of their stock themes, but with my own little twist. Maybe when I get some extra time, I can build up my own custom theme for Tumblr.

If you are on Tumblr (if you aren’t why the heck not??), I appreciate any followers I get over there. The only one I have so far is a photographer that Emily and I met when we were planning the wedding, Ben McKamey. He is a great guy, and has a very nice Tumblr blog there too. He was doing a 365 photo project too (yeah, I stole his idea!). Not sure that it is still happening though. However, he does post new work often.


Amidst all of this, we are trying to sell not one, but two houses. Emily owns a townhouse in Mauldin, and I own a small house in West Greenville. Both are great houses, but don’t fit our needs at the moment. My house is realistically too small for two people, a dog and two cats. It is in a great location though. Hopefully we can find a house in a similar location at some point. Emily’s house is great size-wise, and it is close to my work (not her’s though). The biggest issues with it are the home owner’s associate (I despise those things!) and no yard for the dog to run in. We have made it work so far, but we would both really like a fence yard for Sydney to run around in.

In preparations for the move, we are trying to sell some of the things we don’t want or need anymore. We held a yard sale last year and got rid of several things from my house. This time we are going to see how craigslist works out. I put up a page on our site called Virtual Yard Sale. Once things are posted on craigslist, I will also get them listed there as well. If you see anything you would love to have, just let either of us know. For the people on our email list, I am trying to remember to send out emails when we have new things posted. For those that don’t live in the immediate area, I am not afraid to ship most things. Couches and desks… maybe not. But just about anything that is reasonably sized, I will ship.

Thanks for reading!